Dr. Arvind Agarwal

President – Arya Perfect Graduate College

Having spent his entire life working with and for the Arya Perfect Graduate College, Dr. Arvind Agarwal views his home and workplace as extensions of each other, and believes the staff and faculty of the institutions as members of his extended family.

From The Desk:

Formal Education teaches you how to earn a living, but to make a fortune, you need Self-Education. India enters in to the phase of rapid growth & development & will establish itself as a global super power to provide best of Innovation & professional.

I hope after achieving BSC / BBA / BA / education, students will compete with the best of talent to become best in their respective fields. The institution not only believes in empowering youth, but also developing their personalities in such a fashion that they can face the challenges of the world outside the college premises, with as much ease as within. Moral Education, for us is as important as Academic Education. Our well disciplined and professionally qualified team of teachers and educators help in imparting discrete value-based education to our young scholars.

We aim at helping youth to discover their potential, and especially to develop young student who possess knowledge and confidence to keep pace with the rapidly changing world and increasing competition, without losing traces of our traditions, humanity, spirituality and purpose of existence.

I welcome you to the Arya Perfect Graduate Colleges.